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Company Profile



Shinmington Products Company was founded in 1992 providing complete computer services to small/medium businesses.

Since then, we have focused on four main areas of special expertise: remote communications, accounting systems, internet

e-commerce design and providing general network integration services.

SPC Computer mission is to provide complete computer accounting and communications solutions to businesses of

all sizes. The majority of our clients chose SPC Computer through referrals or recommendations. Clients include

companies of all sizes in banking, law firm, accounting firm, publishing, apparel, venture capital and other industries,

and non-profit agencies.



Services Provided


*   Network Integration

*   Client/Server Accounting

*   Service & Support

*   Fax Servers/Gateways

*   Remote Access

*   Intranet Connection

*   Internet Connection

*   Business Consulting

*   Technology Planning  

*   System Design 

*   Implementation

*   Training

*   Product Update Service

*   Web Hosting & Design



Network Integration


We work with you to determine their networking solutions. Determining what kind of networking environment

needed to be implemented in your sites. Understanding your business environment and deciding what computing

model is best suited.


Client/Server Accounting

We work with you to select and implement the best accounting system for your business using flexible, scalable,

and secure accounting software from leading manufactures to ensure that the solution meets your needs, conforms

to accounting standards, and provides future upgrade paths and continuing support.



Service & Support


We have an A+ Certified technician working with your PC. Our technicians have at least 6 years hands on experience

in PC repairing field. We troubleshoot computer problem and upgrade some old components.



Fax Servers/Gateways


For some clients, their business requires a lot of faxes connection. SPC Computer provides a fax server solutions

using only single to multiple telephone line. All clients workstation would be able to fax without having additional

modem and telephone line in his or her workstation.



Network Remote Access, Fax and Telephony

We have expertise in network remote communications including dial-in/dial-out, remote node/remote

control, and automated fax server solutions. We are experienced in designing and implementing communications

systems in multiplatform, multiprotocol network environments.



Intranet Connection


With the advance of networking, SPC Computer can set up your intranet solutions just like when you are

visiting an Internet except it is internal use only without any connection to the outside world. You will be able to

post any important messages instantly, sending out e-mail and messages to co-worker.



Internet Connection


As Internet has become part of the daily life, SPC Computer can help you to choose the best Internet connection

for your need. We choose the best ISP (Internet Service Provider), setting up Internet account, setting up e-mail,

setting up Internet access for each station, and setting up security for your networking. All of these of course with

price conscious n mind.



Business Consulting

SPC Computer can provide direction on business processes, information technology planning, outsourcing, project

management and vendor selection and supervision.



Technology Planning


In order to avoid the product obsolete such as Y2K compliance, speed issue, PC capacity issue, and compatibility

issue; SPC Computer will work together with you in forecasting the viable solutions to minimize downtime in your business.



System Design


Base on your business environment, SPC Computer will advise you to choose what are the best solutions for your

overall system design. Such as choosing which hardware to use in running your application, and under what platform

it should be used. Maximize the full potential of the overall system.




We can provide training on or off-site for end-users, IT and Help Desk staff, and management on any aspect of your

system. Network management, problem solving and response, disaster recovery and standardizing procedures, business

applications, technology planning and purchasing, user relations, and employee orientation to system changes or upgrades.




It is our policy to sell, install, and support only fully authorized and licensed software and hardware. Shinmington

Products Company will not sell, install or support illegal software and will not sell used or refurbished systems or

components as new.



Our past and present clients include businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries including publishing, apparel,

consulting, professionals in private practice, and non-profit organizations. We also work with other consulting firms

on large projects.




A+ Certified Engineer

Microsoft Certified System Engineer

IBM Authorized Repair Service Center for PC, ThinkPad and Printers

Hewlett-Packard Authorized Repair Service Center for PC, Notebook and Printers

Fujitsu Authorized Repair Service Center for Notebook

Value-Added Reseller for:

Intel, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Toshiba, 3COM, Viewsonic, NEC, Nortel, Acer



Shinmington Products Company tries not to sell hardware or software but to guide the client to make the best purchasing decisions that fit their needs. This allows us to recommend a more unbiased solution.